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Each massage service is fully customised depending on whether the goal is pain relief, stress relief, to improve sports performance, or a combination of these. Simply book the amount of time you want or think you need for your massage. If you're unsure, feel free to contact us if you need help choosing the duration that is best for you.

To book online, click the 'Book appointment' button at the bottom of the screen.

*For pregnancy massage, please indicate when booking your appointment.

30 minute massage           €45

Our bare essentials massage. This highly-focused massage is designed for those who are short on time or only need attention on one area of the body (for example, only the back or feet). 

60 minute massage         €75

Attention and focus are given to more muscle groups, often on the front and back of the body. If pain relief is the goal, this allows for more release of muscles that may have been compensating for the pain.  

45 minute massage           €60

Our half-body massage. The client typically lies face down for the whole session and tension is released on the dorsal (back) part of the body. 

90 minute massage         €100

More extensive attention is given to release tension and work on the source of pain and discomfort. For those needing to de-stress, this treatment gives ample time to calm the nervous system, further promoting healing and health in the body.

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